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A joint IT literacy project with Newport High School, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary and Rotary Club of Antigua

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    This was the sunset on Saturday as we were having a barbecue with Rotary members. What a view. Gorgeous!
    This is a view on the hill of the beach we play at. This is Dickenson's Bay.
    Erinn Coder filming the view. She will be making several movies of the trip.
    Neil and Stuart in jail. Actually, it was this weird room we found on top of the hill when we went exploring.
    Ben and Leah visiting with Rod and Connie. Ben is a member of the Rotary Club of Antigua. They are hosting Brian and Mike are staying with them.
    Ato talking with Juan. Both are members of Rotary Club of Antigua.
    Brian, Stuart and Michael eating with Steve looking over their shoulder. Stuart gives his opinion of the barbecue. In the background is Jim and Erinn.
    Steve and Neil share a smile.
    Chad (his back to the camera) Michael and Warren eating barbecue. The barbecue was marvelous. We had our choice of steak, chicken, Marlin, or spicy sausage.
    On Sunday we took a tour to Devils Bridge. It is a beautiful place where the water wore a large hole in the rocks. It is in the background behind us although this is not the best angle. This is a shot of all the Newport Staff, myself, Erinn Coder, Rod Thompson, and Jim Stueve.
    Here is a group shot of all the kids. The back row, left to right: Chad, Mike, Neil, Tori, Tony, Adam, Warren, Brian. Front row: Saba, Tiffany, Michael, and Saba
    This is a group shot of all the students and the teachers.
    The entire group with all the rotary members: Jan and John Martinka, Steve and Terri Lingenbrink, Connie Thompson. Front row: Morris Kremen and his son Jordan next to Sarah and Rachel.
    This was the next place we visited, Shirley Heights. It was the officers quarters for the British navy when they were stationed in Antigua. Lord Nelson was stationed here 200 years ago. It became known as Nelson's Dockyard. This harbor was probably the most important in the Caribbean. It was easy to defend and was a natural harbor that never needed to be dreged. What a gorgeous view.
    Tony and Tiffany sharing a drink and a smile.
    The steel drum band who entertained us. They were excellent.
    Another sunset. I just can't seem to get enough of these. They are so beautiful in Antigua.
    On monday we were back to work designing computer labs. Here Tori was working with Rachel to wire a lab.
    The finished product! Adam, Michael, Chad, Tori and Rachel.
    Mr. Stueve with his new buddy.
    Here Michael was working to configure machines for the pediatric ward of the hospital. We loaded games that kids would enjoy along with Office and other software.
    Neil, Jordan and Micael working on machines.
    At the end of the day Cordell Josiah, President Elect of the Rotary Club of Antigua talks with John, Arthur (current Rotary President) and Steve. Terri is in the foreground. We were waiting to see the Prime Minister who was going to dedicate some sewing machines we brought onto the island.
    Rod shaking the hand of the Honorable Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer. Jan and Morris are in the background.
    The Hon. Prime Minister W.B. Spencer shaking Cordell Josiah's hand. Steve is to the right.
    Here Steve is discussing the $17,000 donation by the Mill Reef Club Fund and how helpful it was to the completion of this project.
    John, Paul Ryan and Arthur listen to the Prime Minister thank the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary club, the Rotary Club of Antigua, and Newport High School Cisco Academy for coming and installing computer labs as well as giving dictionaries to many schools on the island.
    John talking about the sewing machines donated to the Grays Green Women's Development Group.
    Cordell, Steve, and John.
    Paul and Arthur talking about the Rotary Club of Antigua's involvement in the Computer project, sewing machine project, and the dictionary project.
    Wrapping up with the Prime Minister shaking John's hand.
    This was the area where the sewing machines were installed. The industrial sewing machines are to be used to teach women how to make school uniforms.
    Steve next to the sewing machines.
    Arthur, Steve, John, and the Honorable Prime Minister Winston Baldwin Spencer.
    Mrs. Sarah Davis talking about how the sewing machines will make a difference in the lives of women in the community.
    John talks about how Bellevue Breakfast Rotary was able to help bring the sewing machines down to Antigua.
    Kids thanking Rotary for the donation of the sewing machines.
    The Honorable Prime Minister and Cordell cut the ribbon to dedicate the sewing machines.