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A joint IT literacy project with Newport High School, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary and Rotary Club of Antigua

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    This is many of the people who made the sewing machine project happen both on the island as well as in Bellevue.
    The Prime Minister talking.
    John with the sewing machines.
    This was the next day on Wednesday with the Director of Education of Antigua. She was thanking us for bringing the computers and the dictionaries for the kids.
    Cordell introducing the director.
    The Director of Education. She gave a very nice speech.
    Later in the day we went to a new install. This lab was known as "Old Sparky" We had many electrical problems here from exploding computer to power strips that caught fire and belched smoke. Needless to say it was an exciting lab. We finally got it finished with every spare computer we had available.
    Our WiMax mobile internet connection. ACT-Online was able to supply us with three of these mobile WiMax units to allow us to temporarily connect the labs to the internet to register and activate the machines. The government will be providing Internet service at the locations in one week.
    Stuart teaching Mrs. Coder how to wire.
    Mrs. Coder filming a moving road scene.
    This was at the weekly Rotary Club of Antigua meeting. Tori and Tiffany with Ato, their host.
    Stuart getting his food. We had an excellent goat dish that was very tasty.
    Michael and Tori spoke at the Rotary meeting. They both did a great job.
    One of the labs we built was at a hospital in St. Johns. We built a small lab of five computers in the pediatric ward. We had special programs and games installed on the computers for little kids.
    Here Michael, Cordell, John and Chad were beginning the install. Chad may have been a bit tired that day.
    Here is the dictionary we were able to distribute to third graders on the island. It was a special English edition for kids. It had lots of pictures and really was targeted for students in grades 2-5.
    Here are some of the dictionaries sorted by school.
    This was the ceremony to hand the dictionaries over to the principals of the schools.
    One of the principals reading the dictionary.
    The next day, Thursday, we had an appointment on one of the local radio stations to talk about all the work we were doing on the island. Cordell, John, Tori and I went down. Tori and I had never been on a radio station so it was fun.
    Tori just before we went on the air.
    One of the many markets along side the street.
    This was a school we did on the other side of the island. They were installing the security bars on the windows as we arrived.
    Tori took this picture of a goat that was very interested in what we were doing.
    Neil and Jordan playing a little cricket. Neil is working on his form.
    The students found a tire swing and enjoyed themselves during a break.
    Tori in the same tree.
    Neil recapturing some of his childhood.
    Here Stuart is helping move all the computers from a secure storage area to the lab.
    At this point all the computers had been moved and they just finished cutting wires to the proper length. They were starting to terminate the wires so they could plug the computers into the main switch.
    Neil drilling holes. I am running out of time so I will finish the pictures when we get back. See you soon.