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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Here we are in the airport playing cards. You can always count on Thompson bringing out the cards while waiting. This was a bluffing game called Cheat. Great game!
  4 high school students, Miami hotel, loads of fun. Actually, we had to wait almost an hour for our bus but once we got there we ordered pizza and some of the group stayed up way too late playing games. Either way, we got up at 7 am Miami time (4 am Pacific time) and had a light breakfast. I skipped the shots of the kids at breakfast. One word--grumpy.
  We made it! Neither rain or snow or blizzard or earthquakes or volcanos can hold us back. Here Andrew (team LNGBK) explores the old abandoned sugar factory in Antigua.
  Day 2--we begin the labs. Here Paul was grabbing spare computers and I was inspecting them. Tyler, Brian and Andrew are "working" in the back.
  This was a coordination meeting between John, Errol and myself. One of the most challenging parts of these projects is coordinating all the cars, jobs, students, drivers, and guides.
  Paul and Andy get ready to hit the road. One of the job of team leaders is to coordinate and make sure all the equipment necessary to design and build the labs is in the vans. Just to give you an idea what things they have to manage: Our Pelican cases (which have all our testing tools in it), spare computers, spare monitors, spare keyboards and mice, power strips, routers, switches, paper, cable, snacks, snacks, snacks, oh-did I mention snacks, team members, paper, printer cartridges, video cables, and water. (I may have forgotten a few things as well)
  This is a lab that was prepared by the government. They were responsible for making sure the schools had Internet, power, and desks. This school was Parham Primary that Mr. Thompson's team and Brandon managed. This is what it looked like as we came in.
  Here Sean shows a local student what he is doing. The kids from the school were fascinated with what we were doing.
  David makes a face while ziptying ethernet cables.
  Kevin confers with his team leader Brandon.
  Matt begins the process of creating an ethernet cable. Here he is putting the wires in the correct order.
  Part of what we do is document our process. I was interviewing Brandon, asking what were the challenges of being a team leader.
  Three students making immediate use of the lab. They were having fun!
  Matt has a helper pulling cable.
  Here are some curious students checking out our work. All students in Antigua wear uniforms.