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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
  Part 2             Home
  Kevin and Matt are assisted doing their final inventory before packing up for the day. All Pelican cases are inventoried at the beginning of the day and at the end to make sure no equipment is left at the schools.
  End of a glorious day. The picture doesn't do the sunset justice. Kevin even has a Ting in his hand.
  Steve Lingenbrink and Brian's group at a vista overlooking Dickenson Bay. Andrew and Ethan are in the back with Steve, Brian, Andy, and Kevin are in the front.
  A leader shot, Brian with Steve.
  Kevin shows off his new found friends, the mosquitoes. Look at his legs.
  New day. JJ is in the back moving computers with Errol and Kevin in the front. We are at the Rotary house which is our central base for going out to the schools.
  Matt and David pondering the inventory at the beginning of a new day.
  It was sports day and here a bunch of local students were lined up waiting for a game. Note the uniforms they are all wearing.
  Thompson on a rare break. He looks enlightened.
  Back to work. Here Brandon assigned him a job of ziptying ethernet cables to the wall.
  Here is a finished product. We had several Cisco Catalyst 3500 switches with a Linksys router connecting the switch to the Internet. We found labs connected to the Internet three ways: DSL, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max.
  JJ and Andy have found a new friend at John Hughes school.
  David and Matt at the end of a long day. I think Matt is going to fall asleep right in his seat.
  Alex Modelski always flashes his pearly whites!
  Ann and John Liberato at the end of a great day at Fort James. (Such a cute couple!) Yes, those are real 200 year old cannons from the days of Lord Nelson when he commanded the dockyard.