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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  The three musketeers; Tyler, Brian, and JJ just after loading spare computers into minivans at the beginning of the day.
  Here Tyler, Brian, Ethan, and Sonya relax after all the loading up of the minivans.
  Andrew wearing Tyler's sunglasses.
  Rod and Alex at a school with Sean, Brandon, Matt and Sonya looking on.
  Funny, there is Mr. Mason talking on the phone. I think he needs an earpiece implant.
  Brandon and Sean configure the printer on the computers.
  Brandon delagating jobs to his team.
  This is a very typical large tree in Antigua. It is similar to a silk tree but much larger. It is call a "Magnificent" tree.
  Brandon, Matt, Tiffany, David, Mr. Thompson in the back and Sean and Kevin in the front. They just finished this lab.
  At the end of the day there is so much hard work left to do. JJ and Ethan are working hard here. This is Ethan "pre-lobster." In about an hour he will be done--nice and red. Ethan, new word: sunscreen!
  Here everyone decided to bury Andrew. They had great fun.
  Oh, sorry, don't know how this picture slipped in.
  After sunset the kids all met at the Big Banana, a local pizza place and enjoyed themselves. I think Paul is just about ready to burst out laughing.
  More Big Banana.
  Andrew and Paul having a great time. Note the local hot sauce: Susie's. It is SO GOOD!