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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Here are two local students watching the labs being built.
  These students were in choir practice when I snuck a picture of them.
  Kevin finishes a cable.
  Wait, there's Mr. Thomson under a desk. I wonder whose legs those are next to him?
  This little kid was eating lunch with us and I couldn't resist his smile.
  Andy, what a nice hat that is.
  Tyler was playing with the camera and shot this reflection off of Ethan's sunglasses. See if you can identify who was in front of him.
  This is a statue of Prime Minister V.C. Bird, the first prime minister of Antigua when they gained their independence in 1981.
  What a great picture of Sonya and Tiffany.
  Hmm, what to say about this sign. Well, the kids couldn't reist taking a picture of it. It is kind of funny.
  This is a typical sight on the roads of Antigua. I do not know how they all stay in with all the potholes on the roads.

This is a shot of the Island of Montserrat. If you notice all the haze to the right of the picture; well, it isn't haze, it's ash. The island has an active volcano that erupted two days before we got there closing the airport in Antigua because of ash. It is constantly having steam and ash eruptions.

  Cordel with his two granddaughters, Genna, and Tarcia. Cordel is president of Rotary Club of Antigua and spent hours and hours working on this project.
  Every night people pull out barbecues and have parties on the side of the street. Here two cars just stopped in the middle of the street to have some barbecue. It is quite normal down in many Carribean countries.