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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  This is where it starts. All of us together at the Delta gate. 14 students, two teachers and five Rotarians.
  All of our checked luggage.
  Stephanie saying goodbye. For some of these students this is the first time away from home for an extended time.
  Some students took me very serioiusly when I said "get as much sleep as possible on the flight!"
  Oh, this is a good sight to see.
  After much prodding Alex finally woke up. Jonathan was a different story.
  We all arrived Saturday night and went to our host families. Sunday, we met at the hotel to go sightseeing for the day.
  Ethan playing pool.
  Sam, Stephanie and Alisha.
  This was Betty's Hope, a semifunctional sugar cane mill. There are many old towers all over the island hinting at previous times when sugar was king on the island.
  The group at Devil's Bridge, a natural stone bridge over the Atlantic ocean where it was rumored that slaves would jump off to escape back to Africa.
  The entire group (minus Ron).
  This was Shirley Heights, a point high above English Harbor where the British Officers lived. It provides an excellent lookout and is now the sight of a big barbecue steel drum band, and reggae band.
  The view down to English Harbor.
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