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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Jordan testing the voltage in a lab at Freetown with our new donated Fluke meters.
  Alex was creating a cable at J.T. Ambrose school.
  A meeting of the minds or maybe just a quick break.
  A smile out of Mr. Thompson
  Shane solving problems.
  The group getting ready to go to Monserrat. Turns out the ferry ride back would be very, very memorable for some.
  This was a cool little restaurant in Monserrat that we stopped at to have some magnificent punch. Boy was that amazing punch (and no, there wasn't any alcohol in the punch)
  Monserrat is famous for its active volcano. The British scientists had deemed it safe for us to be there so we went to the volcano observatory where we saw the side of the volcano. We would have seen more had the clouds parted but the side was better than nothing.
  We ran into a friendly iguana. It was about 2 feet long. Beautiful animal!
  We had lunch at the Governor General's house. It was nothing less than spectacular. Such a beautiful place. Here Mr. Mason and Mr. Mason had their picture taken on the veranda overlooking the ocean.
  Paul having some punch. That is the island of Redondo in the background. The only thing that lives on that island is goats and birds.
  Team America (as they call themselves) with a salute.
  Stephanie with a smile.
  Monserrat is British soil and I took this picture of Sam, Kate, Stephanie, and Abel under a picture of the Queen.
  Andrew and Stuart enjoying the gardens. Stunning!
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