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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Ahhh, the infamous "you are a field trip and must follow BSD rules talk"
  James and Alex getting on the plane.
  I never get tired of seeing this sign--particularly the
"on time" part
  Our first look of the island
  We got in and finally got to our hotel. What a sight welcomed us
  Sunday, after everyone got a much needed night of sleep, we gathered to go tour the island
  Laura getting her phone to work. She learned about the infamous + when dialing internationally
  Rod practicing to move very large rocks. Sometimes easier than leading groups overseas
  What a good looking group of hard-working kids
  Throw a teacher or two in and it is official. What a team!
  The group listening to the air rush through a crack as the waves came in. Makes a cool whooosing sound
  John and Jan Martinka with a lovely sailboat in the background. John leads the project and secures the Rotary Internation grant for this project. If it wasn't for John this project wouldn't happen
  Stuart loving life!
  Ron and John admiring the view of my boat (I wish!)
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