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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Ian and Stuart shooting the breeze
  Charley tossing a ball on the beach
  Alex waiting for keys to Rotary house
  Alex, Sun-Ying, and Will rebuilding a pallet for shelving inside Rotary House
  We met the Governer General, the Queen's representative in Antigua. This was a beautiful rug at his official office
  Signature of Queen Elisabeth II. She has visited several times since then
  Lorraine, Sir Rodney Williams, Cordel, Jan and John. The china is the Queens china
  Sir Rodney speaking to Cordel
  A group shot
  Cordel (a Rotary Club of Antigua member without his help this project would not be successful) putting together a desk at TOR school
  All the kids singing songs at TOR
  If only I could get my students to be quiet by putting their fingers on their mouths!
  Cute kids at Potters Primary school where we installed a lab
  This little girl just kept sucking her thumb
  More kids
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