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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  I loved this shot of students having class under the tree at Newfield Primary. It was just so much cooler than being indoors. Other students were playing out in the field
  Ian and Alex at Willikes bay. Stunningly gorgeous. The picture doesn't do the view justice
  Ron wiring up a switch to the Internet
  For dinner we all went to Limers. It was right next to Fort James, an abandoned British fort complete with cannons. Notice the cruise ship leaving in the background
  Everyone posed around the cannon. If you look closely you see the cruise ship in the background in the gap in the middle
  Ian vanquishing the enemy cruise ships
  Yes, that is a burger over a foot tall. I don't know how but five students ordered it and five students finished it. James even ordered additional fries. Teenagers are bottomless when it comes to appetites
  We were even able to celebrate Laura's birthday. Happy birthday Laura!
  Team James--James, Brian, Nick, Stuart. I stole Dylan that day. Mr. Harvey is the principal at this school. He was very appreciative
  Nick, Mr. Harvey, and Stuart with the sign in the background
  Nobody gets out of work. Here John is 14 feet up a ladder installing a wireless access point. No students are allowed up tall ladders for safety reasons
  Dylan steading John
  The excited tech teacher at Bendals with his new lab
  Kevin hooking up a computer
  A smiling Emily
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