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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, DKRC, Bellevue Sunrise and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  The group relaxing before our 9 hours of flights
  Yes, Sonya is doing homework. What is wrong with this picture!
  James playing with an airplane "hoodie" pillow
  Well, almost like the weather from Seattle, <cough, cough>
  Filling out the infamous Antigua Customs form.
  Hurray! We are finally here.
  Ato and Vangie matching up groups with host families.
  On Saturday we started working. We went to our first school and refurbished and upgraded both their wireless network and their computer lab. Here they are taking inventory of their pelican case.
  More inventory. This is how we DON'T loose anything. Can't exactly go down to Home Depot and replace anything.
  Matt (along with everyone else) getting a lesson on measuring voltage of outlets. Turns out they may not follow the same electrical standards as the US. Always check!
  More lessons.
  Matt and Rachel working on a computer.
  I think that is Sonya, Michelle, Joseph and Rachel working on a row of computers.
  Tammy flashing us the peace sign with Greg, Eli, Sonya and Mr. Thompson.
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