Host Families

"I stayed with a family of three who lived in a small town outside of Zilina called Bitarova. Communication was extremely difficult because they hardly spoke any English, and I don't really speak any Slovak. There was always something cooking, and when we weren't sleeping; we were always seated at the table being asked if we wanted more."    -Andrew Miller

Adult Accommodations

The adults stayed together in a small hotel about 30 minutes from Zilina


Daily Schedule

Each day began with a meeting at 8 AM in the Hotel Slovakia lobby. After ten minutes of making sure everything was in order, the leaders would gather their team memebers and depart for the worksite. Upon arrival we would be greeted by our host and led to the rooms where we would be working. The majority of the work at each site was completed before lunch, which would usually be taken around noon. Time after lunch was used to troubleshoot malfunctioning computers and wrap up software installation. Teams would usually complete a new site each day. Everyone would meet at the Hotel Slovakia around 4 and then smaller groups would break off for free time.


Group Activities

"The castles present in Slovakia, along with other old architecture, create a sense of enduring history that simply isn't present in the United States.  The tour of Trenčín Castle was great for educational and historical purposes, but scrambling about the ruined castle was much more fun."    -Michael Pennella

Free Time

Students were allowed to explore the city of Zilina in groups when time permitted.