Istanbul History

Istanbul was originally called Constaninople, which was named after Constantine. Constantine commandend one of the largest Roman armies which were stationed along the important Rhine frontier. He abandoned his father's British compaign, which was right after his promotion to emperor. Constantine had one main goal and it was stability. While achieving this he wanted to demonstrate his military power by conquering the enemies on their own side of the Rhine frontier.

The Trip

They went to schools and built nine networks in Istanbul. One hundred computers went to Eastern Turkey in a van. The trip was forty miles from Iran and sixty from Iraq. Fifteen students go to Istanbul from Bellevue, Sammamish, and Newport. Four girls and eleven guys came from Newport. The students stayed with families, NOT in a hotel. They ate kabobs and bread which happened to be delicous. The bread was less then two hours FRESH! There were always people making bread. They also had yogurts too, which were sweet in taste.

There were problems with customs. There was a forty ft. shipping container that was packed with computers, printers and more. They had to go through the Turkish customs. There were many politics involed too.

They wired some computers up at a hospital for paralyzed students. They taught computer skills and the students had mostly spinal injuries so they can type just fine. They also went to a university in Istanbul and provided computers for translation in the language department. In conjunction with NHS, cisco, bellevue breakfast rotary club.