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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Steve giving the Prime Minister a Rotary International commemorative tie.
  The Prime Minister speaking to the kids and the Rotarians.
  My favorite picture, a group shot with the Prime Minister.
  Mrs. Pringle, Director of Education receiving her award for facilitating the computer labs, dictionaries, and chess for the last four years.
  Mrs. Pringle speaking. She had a wonderful speech which we will put up on the web when we get back.
  John giving a bottle of Washington Wine to Past President Cordell Josiah, M.B.E.
  John, Mrs. Pringle, Wendy and Steve
  This was a shot of our meal. It was fantastic. The best piece was a local favorite, curried goat (visible at 4 o'clock on the plate) I never thought goat could be so good.
  One of the pieces of the project was to pass out illustrated dictionaries to every third grader on the island. It was so fun to tell them they can put their name in the book. Some had never received a book previously.
  More cute kids with their new dictionaries.
  Stefan striking his "thoughtful" pose.
  There are few buildings on the island over 2-3 stories and to see these huge cruise ships pull in. This particular one was over 13 stories tall. It was enormous.
  Christine and Jordan out sunning themselves at their host families deck.
  Sanya has a natural affinitity for kids. They absolutely love her.
  A beautiful sunset. Absolutely gorgeous.