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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  At the end of Wednesday the kids arranged a dinner at the Big Banana, a local pizza place. Great pizza and lots of fun. Morris, myself and Jim drove and we just had a ball.
  Andrew, JJ and Paul, with JJ stealing Andrew's glasses
  Here is an excellent example of a marveous Big Banana pizza.
  Cameron, Will and Danielle enjoy a slushie.
  Paul giving Sanya "the look"
  Shane, waiting for his pizza.
  What we didn't realize was that Wednesday was karaoke night. What we also didn't know was that Paul can sing with a British accent--and well too!
  Christine was fantastic and got a huge applause.
  Sanya and Jordan shared a duet.
  Yes, even Mr. Stueve participated in the fun!
  Thursday morning and ready for new labs.
  Sanya and Paul decide something about their group.
  Ato was helping me with locations of schools on the island.
  I don't know why Stefan was so excited.
  Mr. Stueve with a characteristic smile.