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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Our flight was long and we left at 10:30 p.m. Even Erik took full advantage of our layover in Atlanta to catch a little shuteye.
  After all the nasty weather in Seattle this sure looked good!
  Um, yeah, this is the beach that the kids get to play on. Oh, is it raining in Seattle? It is 81 and perfect here!
  They decided to bury Grant. And then he rose from the sandy dead.
  Oops, a football went into the ocean and Grant went in to get it. A big tough waterpolo student looking quite dainty. Don't get those shorts wet Grant!
  Now that is finger-licking good. They were eating barbecue on the beach.
  Junhee, Kaestin, and Minsung enjoy some barbecue and salad. Look mom, they are eating their vegetables.
  Nothing like a perfectly white sandy beach for beach volleyball.
  The end of Saturday. The kids already showing signs of sunburn.
  On Sunday we went to Devil's Bridge. A small bridge carved out of rock by the ocean. Rachel, Christine and Nicole with the Caribbean sea in the background.
  Water splashing up in the hole behind the bridge. (No, I wouldn't let them go very close)
  Stuart having fun.
  A group picture with all the students and the adults. The back row is Shane, Mr. Thompson, Stuart, Minsung, Kaestin, John, Jordan, Junhee, Chase, Mr. Mason, Mr. Martinka, Mrs. Martinka, Mr. Josiah MBE. Font row: Erik, Austin, Grant (big), Grant (fast), Nicole, Christine, Rachael, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Lingenbrink.
  After Devil's Bridge we went to Shirley Heights overlooking English Harbor. One can never get enough of this view.
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