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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  This was a drummer for the steel drum band A.M.P. Halcyon. They have been up at Shirley Heights for the past five years and they are the best steel drum band I have ever heard. So much fun to listen to.
  The sunsets. Oh the sunsets. Absolutely stunning!
  Day Three--Monday. Chase and John inventoring the kits. Every day before we go and when we are done everything has to be inventoried.
  Rod, Jeff, Cordell, John, Ato, and Derrick discussing locations and details. Obviously, Jeff is picking up on the relaxed atmosphere of the island and just doesn't care about something.
  The first day everybody went to the first lab to do design as a group. Here we are at the National Technical Training Center building a lab.
  Jeff and Rod talk to Christine and a technician from the government.
  Grant either wiring a lab or thinking hard about the beach.
  We constantly had visitors peeking in looking at what we were doing. We love to see students interested in our work.
  Nicole beginning the setup process on a computer.
  Jordan running wires for a computer.
  Rachel hiding from the press...or maybe just wiring. Yes, you can get dirty doing this job.
  Denise Armstrong, president of Rotary Club of Antigua who knows a thing or two about banking as well as assembling computers!
  Medusa rears her head but Nicole tames the beast.
  More kids looking in. Look at her lovely smile.
  Grant stringing wires with a student looking on.
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