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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  This student was working on a spelling game and having so much fun!
  One of the schools we went to, Freetown, was on the opposite side of the island. Everwhere you go on this island there is stunning beauty.
  Rod's group by Half Moon Bay.
  At this school a special computer teacher from the Ministry of Education would come out to work with the students. Here she was helping one student with a problem.
  This student was working with Microsoft Word.
  Another working with Word.
  Erik teaching a student.
  A student checking out our work.
  Hmm, it appears Antiguan students get distracted too!
  Shane told the teachers he would teach them a quick lesson on wireless printing and out of nowhere eight teachers appeared. Here five work with him.
  I would say that is engaged learning.
  Teachers asking questions.
  Grant troubleshoots a problem.
  Ron on the beach at sunset. I hear it was snowing this day in Seattle.
  On Saturday we went to the Mill Reef Club to visit one of the sponsors of the project, Elisabeth Ballantine. This was a shot from her home.
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