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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Rachel on a wall overlooking the Atlantic.
  Jordan and Ron admiring the view.
  Elizabeth talks to Jan, Rod and Morris.
  Rod and Connie.
  Rod on the beach.
  John and Jan enjoying themselves.
  On Sunday we met the kids at a joint barbecue with Rotary Club of Antigua and Antigua Sundown Rotary Club. The kids had a blast.
  Here were the kids on the beach. Yet another stunning gorgeous beach. Did you know they have 365 beaches on Antigua, all public.
  On Monday we were driving to Antigua State College. This is a familiar scene. People packed in the back of a truck. The guy in the back was sitting but the two in the front are standing up. He was laughing at us taking his picture.
  At Antigua State College we installed a high-definintion video conferencing system to link the islands of Antigua and Barbuda for teacher training. This was the official unveiling ceremony. Mr. Cordel Josiah, MBE was speaking. Cordel coordinated the Antigua side of the project this year. It is a huge job.
  Ms. Jacintha Pringle, Director of Education and Chief Education Officer for Antigua alongside John and Denise. Ms. Pringle is talking to Mr. Hyram Forde, Principal of Antigua State College.
  John, Denise, Cordel and Ms. Pringle unveil the new system.
  Ms. Pringle couldn't believe how good the connection was. In the monitor was the Principal of Holy Trinity School in Barbuda, Mr. John Mussington. The link was so clear you could almost read the computer screens in Barbuda. Ms. Pringle's comments were, "It is like I can reach out and touch you!"
  Shane teaching Principal Forde, Ms. Pringle, Ms. Mascall, and members of Rotary how to use the system.
  Mr. Forde and Ms. Pringle asking questions.
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