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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, KDRC, Bellevue Sunrise and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  This year Andrew Foti and Tracy Green were able to attend and help chaperone. This was before the Rotary meeting at the Hospitality Training School. Ummm, a bit better view than we have at Newport.
  Tammy, Sonya, Greg, Eli and Mr. Thompson were able to get a shot in before the meeting.
  President Vangie giving a gift to John Martinka
  Rachel and Tammy in line for food. Mmmm!
  Back at the hotel shot from the hill above. Such a nice beach. We are ever so thankful they let the kids play on the beach
  What a sunset!
  The next day Sydney, Teo, Franchesca, Owen, and Nathan went to a Rastafarian school called Nyabinghi. This little girl was running to meet us
  Sydney made a friend
  This was one of the poorest schools we ran across. They were planning on rebuilding parts of the school
  Owen checks out one of the classrooms. Note the wooden stick holding up the main load bearing beams of the school
  Another part of the school just met outside under a tent
  You can see the one dangling powercord in the middle of the room behind Teo, Owen and Nathan
  Sydney with her friend again
  When we first came on Monday morning we were scheduled for an interview on Good Morning Antigua. This is the most widely watched show in the island
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