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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Cordel, Jeff, John and Jan discussing what we were going to say
  The students were quite relaxed. Nathan, Rachel, Owen and James were enjoying the quiet time
  Cordel talking about the project
  John talking to the host
  The rare Mr. Mason in his natural habitat--digging through the container for supplies. John was helping as well today
  For the record, working inside a steel box in Antigua is something akin to hot yoga without the yoga
  Andrew Foti, Jeff Mason, Maku Williams and John Martinka discussing the training program that Maku runs. She developed the training program focused on the specific needs of the teachers in Antigua
  A typical classroom in Antigua
  A group shot
  This lab was at Sunnyside primary. Here Matt, Ron, Joseph and Rachel were working on setting up a lab
  Rachel setting up the computers
  Another classroom
  Jeff, Greg, and Rod discussing strategy with Eli in the background
  The Jerkmaster! This was a vendor we ate at right next to T.N.Kirnon school
  Joseph James and Ron determining how to build a lab
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