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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Here Rachel, Joseph, and Michelle were just about done
  Some final touchups
  Michelle, Rachel and Joseph
  Michelle tackles a VGA spider web. I heard she won
  A little girl and her school lunch
  This day Joseph's group also had the school lunch. It got high marks!
  A group of students at Five Islands
  Another sunset
  Back to Work. Here Eli and Tammy work to finish a new laptop lab
  Tammy and Greg working away. Looks pretty good!
  Matthew and Tammy posing for the camera
  Tammy drilling away. I was so proud of how those kids picked up the mechanical skills. I don't normally let them drill through door frames in the Cisco lab.
  This is a partial view of Green Bay school which is a school for over 600 students. It has a square courtyard with buildings off of each of the sides. We were able to build a wireless network that covered almost two thirds of the school in two days.
  Greg and Mr. Thompson tackle drilling a 1 inch hole in a foot of concrete. Not an easy task even with a VERY BIG and VERY HEAVY rotohammer
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