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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Greg begins
  Did I mention that the drill is REALLY HEAVY?
  The finished product. Doesn't that look nice!
  The kids with a group selfie.
  We did it!
  Sydney, Teo and Owen installing an access point at Temple Academy
  Nathan rummaging around in the pelican kit for tools with Sydney and Owen working in the background. You can see some of the laptops we donated to them as well as the switch on top of the cabinet in the back. This was the very small teachers workroom
  Not everything is work down here. On Saturday we took a boat down the island to the southern part of the island. Here Owen was looking at Fort James, an 18th century fort built by the British to protect the harbor. You may have heard of Lord Nelson of the British naval fame. He was here supervising the build and the harbor 200 years ago
  There has to be some reward for all that work
  Even the teachers get to let their guard down a bit
  This picture doesn't do the water and the sun any justice. It was stunninly beautiful. The students really enjoyed themselves
  James brought along lots of sunblock. The kids did really well. We didn't have any burned kids at the end of the trip
  Nice Owen, what a look!
  The next day the Rotarians surprised Rod with a retirement party. Here President Vangie thanked Rod for his many years of service to the students of Antigua and Bellevue
  A cake they made for Rod. A good cake mind you!
  It was a great party. It was fun to watch Mr. Thompson be uncomfortable. He HATES attention!
  Rod, the man of leisure. Did I mention those cakes were GOOD! That was a chocolate brownie cake. Mmmm!
  Back to work!!! Last day. We had three final labs to finish. Michelle and Joseph put the final touches on a lab
  Last minute tweaks
  I love this picture. Cordel with Andrew
  Here Tracy talks with a principal of one of the schools
  One of the students practicing his letters
  Another student working on a writing assignment
  Oops, too much work, nap time!
  Sonya finishing some wire. It was SO MUCH easier to drill through the wooden door frame rather than the concrete
  Here is a final wireless product. This was an experiment to run wireless point-to-point to connect multiple buildings. We had issues with storms bringing down our wires. This should be more permanent. They really did a professional job!
  Here was part of the interior work. No conduit here. Just too expensive and time consuming
  That night we had dinner on the pier with all the students. This was an occasion we had to dress up. Here the guys were waiting for the girls
  Here was where we ate dinner Monday night. Out, over the Carribean sea as the sun set. I heard it was pouring in Seattle that day. Sorry to rub that in
  This was our students out on the pier. Look at that moon! Stunning. What a view.
  Franchesca and Michelle
  Tammy and Sonya
  Teo and James
  That look from Owen is priceless
  Andrew, Ron, Rod, John and Jan
  Tracy talking to Matt and Eli
  Morris, John and Jan
  Dinner is served!
  Teo was laughing so hard he started choking
  Nathan being the bread monster (which might have explained Teo's laughing)
  A finished lab
  Greg and Mr. Thompson setting up the rotohammner again
  Eli testing wiring
  Mr. Thompson's group with a finished lab
  A combination laptop desktop lab we built. Note the Cisco wireless access point to the left of the door
  Eli fit very nicely between those computers
  Sonya finishing the access point
  A finished lab
  Team Thompson
  Another group shot
  Uggg, final inventory of equipment left
  Many hands make light work
  Sonya with a mighty good looking dinner
  Ummm, YUMMMY! And yes, three of our students finished these monstrosities. If you are ever in Antigua we highly recommend Beach Limers restaurant right next to Fort James. When you are done with your dinner sneak over to the fort and check out the eight cannons from the early 1800's
  James was making short work of that foot tall burger
  Something tells me Michelle is still hungry and Franchesca isn't sharing
  Team Senor Mason sadly at the airport getting ready to come home. Such a sad day but filled with great memories
  All the students in line. Note the box of Ting on the floor. We had one remaining box left which I brought to the airport for a final parting gift
  I thinks "some-ting" is up
  I know "no-ting"
  Andrew with Philip, Ahtlyn and Ato
  Ato with his girls!
  One last team shot in Antigua. A lifetime of memories
  Oh, the comforts of home (or at least Miami)
  Michelle getting picked up at 2 am in the morning. Smiling even then
  Now we can relax. All students home and accounted for. Oh wait, we have to be at work in 4 hours!
  I would like to leave you with two shots of Antigua. What beauty
  One last glorious sunset. Thanks students for all your work and for all the fun!
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