Day three Tuesday was a normal lab install day. We worked on three labs that day as well as finished up any labs we didn't completely finish the day before. Here are some pictures.


Steele writing down the order the wires need to be in to make a patch cable. He wrote it someplace where he couldn't loose it.


Seven students beginning to cable a brand new lab for a school.

Alex installing network cable for a donated computer.

The view from the school room. Note the pasture across the street. The donkey kept getting in the way of traffic as it would walk out in the road.

At a different school Rod, Lily and Sean connecting wires to a switch.

Electrical problems! Many labs did not have enough power for the computers. Here we were checking their circuits to make sure we wouldn't cause problems by adding the new computer lab.

Desks were three times more expensive down there because of costs of importing and duties. We brought forty IKEA desks for several labs. Can't have a better setting to put them together.

See something missing on the basketball hoop? It's not a basketball hoop. It is a hoop for a British game called net ball. Similar to basketball but no bouncing of the ball and you have reserved areas of the court where certain players can't move from. Very cool game to watch.

Day four was unique because we went to the Antiguan Rotary meeting as were the guest speakers. Here I am talking at the weekly meeting of the Antigua Rotary Club. Yes, for all the photographers in the crowd, I will get a better flash for next year.

Team leaders Sean and Lily talking.

Rotary President Paul giving a present to Rod.

After the meeting we went back to work. Here Lily and Sarah are setting up a computer. We installed Office XP on each computer we brought for Antigua.

Jeremy finishing an Office install.

John emailing Serotek company to get licenses for the text-to-speech software for the blind students. Pretty amazing software. It will read everything on the screen and speak it so blind students can here what is on the computer.

Will with a new best friend.

Matt and Steele talking with a blind student in a lab. They just finished setting up a computer so he could now surf the Internet for the first time. He was very interested in Instant Messaging software.

Tiffany teaching a student how to crimp a cable.

This little girl is blind and disabled. She makes colored rugs. Each of the dyes in the material makes each color feel different so she can make multicolored rugs just by feel.

Cute kids at a school we were wiring.


More kids standing at the door watching us.

Lily talking to the class. They loved to come up to us and talk while we were working around the school.

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