Thursday was just a lab day where we installed and wired three more computer labs.

Above Reilly, Steve, Sarah and Will try to sort out a mess of cable.

Sarah and Tiffany playing jumprope with the girls at St. Anthony's school.

Power, power, power. Always a headache. Many schools don't think through the implications of having more computers. They assume since there is an outlet in the room we can install as many computers as we want. In this lab we installed twenty computers and a laserprinter. The computers each take 1 amp of power at 110 volts. Each monitor also takes one amp of power. The laserprinter takes 10 amps, and the air conditioner takes 15. If you do the math that is about 65 amps at minimum not counting lights and other incidentals. The whole lab only had a 50 amp panel feeding the entire lab. When all the computers are running and the printer and the air conditioner it would be using 15 too many amps and the main breaker will trip. We are going to work on building a powerpoint and a videoon what is necessary from an electrical standpoint to install a lab.

A very common sight on the island. Here sheep (you can tell if they are sheep or goats from the tails--ask Lily) just walk across the road blocking traffic.

Students checking a wire to make sure it is wired correctly. Every wire was tested before being used.

Tiffany, Rod, Colin and Will wire up a long patchcord for a computer in a blind workshop.

Here was a guy driving along carrying sugarcane. Note the fact he is driving and holding the cane on the top.

Another very common sight on the island. Locals love to ride in the back of trucks driving 40 or 50 mph standing up in the back.

On Friday at 5 p.m. we delivered the last box of keyboards to St John's Lutheran School. In five days we installed 225 computers, built labs in 12 schools, networked the labs, and set them up to connect to the Internet. The students worked extremely hard. I am so proud of them. Here Cordel and President Paul present the signs that will be installed in each computer lab to John and Steve.

More pictures coming soon (Sunday 4:15 am PST)

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