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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Shane and Christine try to corner the donkey by the airport. Donkey 1 Kids 0.
  I love this shot of a lady just sitting out watching the road. There were probaby 5 cars that went by but about 50 people walking by.
  Jeff with the entire airport terminal in the background. The incoming terminal was the size of a closet and outgoing wasn't much bigger.
  Chase and "Fast Grant" enjoying lunch.
  There was a mixup on the schedule and the school wasn't aware we were coming to replace a couple non-functional computers. I walked into the lab and found it full of students hard at work. It absolutely made my day seeing those kids working on our computers that we installed 4 years ago. Just for perspective the computers they were working on were Pentium III with 256 megs of ram. (This was what we were installing 4 years ago.)
  What a cutie!
  These boys were playing a spelling version of hangman. They were having fun.
  A group of girls posing for a picture.
  Stuart replacing a computer.
  Ron even got in on the act replacing one of the computers.
  Kids dancing to their own rhythms at Gospel Light Academy.
  Hmm, what to do?
  Kids in a classroom next door.
  Austin and Junhee working on a lab.
  Minsung and Kaestin at the Rotary meeting. The goat we had for lunch was outstanding.
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