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A joint project with Newport High School, BBRC, DKRC, Bellevue Sunrise and Rotary Club of Antigua  
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  Here three kids were watching us and one was whispering something to another.
  Cynthia talking to the local students.
  We stopped at Betty's Hope. It is a complete functional sugar mill setup much like it was 100 years ago. All the sugarcane was ground and mashed with windmills such as this. There are ruins of these windmills all over the island. The sugar syrup was then brought to a large cauldron where it was boiled down to remove most of the water. This windmill has a portion of the blades removed to protect it from windstorms.
  Here is the actual mill where the cane is ground and the sugar syrup separated.
  Andrew shot this amazing picture of the windmill silouetted by the sun.
  How many teenagers can you get to fall asleep at the same time? Put them in any moving vehicle! Here eight out of the ten are napping as we were traveling to Devil's Bridge.
  Jaxon, Kevin, Aafant and Robbie strike a pose at Devil's Bridge.
  Back to work. Here we are back at Rotary House getting ready for the next day.
  Amanda and Enoch moving equipment.
  Bruno running a wire for an access point.
  Robbie and Jaxon discuss the placement of a wireless access point.
  Robbie and Bruno making cable.
  Two students playing in a tree.
  A student in class studies for a test.
  What a lovely smile.
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