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A joint project with NHS, BBRC, KDRC, and the Rotary Club of Antigua



Welcome to Antigua!


Welcome to the homepage of the Antigua 2019 Computers for the World Project. This is a joint project with Newport High School, Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club, Kirkland Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Antigua.

Every year the Newport High School Cisco Networking Academy visits a location to build computer labs for schools in need. This year we are back at Antigua to work at many schools! We have shipped 250 laptops, over 100 wireless access points and sewing machines to the Island of Antigua. In addition 10 students, four teachers from Newport High School in Bellevue as well as members of the BBRC and Kirkland Rotary have flown down to Antigua to install computer labs, build wireless networks and teach sewing classes.

Two years ago we experimented in installing wireless networks for the schools we visited. This year we are expanding on this and installing wireless in most locations we visit.

Follow along with us and see what we are doing!